Equium’s mine restoration services address a longstanding challenge - how to restore and monitor mine sites in a way that’s sustainable, reportable and cost-effective. 

Equium's Specialist Solutions include:

  • Provide research and recommendations for replacing, creating and restoring soils and vegetation cover so they best approximate how they were prior to disturbance.
  • Create new environments that closely match nearby ecosystems - our services are optimised for tailings and mine environments that have been heavily degraded, damaged or destroyed.
  • Support reporting and planning needs by tracking legal restoration compliance over time.

By applying our scientific engineering knowledge, industry expertise and exclusive analytics tools to these challenges, Equium can take any restoration project from initial investigation through to commissioning and long term progress monitoring.

Equium's solutions are built around a unique fusion of geochemistry, vegetation science and data science that we call eco-Technology. Equium is pioneering the application of eco-Technology to difficult-to-solve business challenges, with outstanding results.

Our bio-prospecting solutions help exploration companies to find new mineral deposits in areas that are usually excluded because they are too difficult to access or masked by vegetation. To do this, we use eco-Technology to turn something that is normally considered an obstacle to exploration into an innovative advantage - plants.

By unlocking the hidden secrets of vegetation, Equium will reveal previously undetected mineral deposits without deploying your field personnel, equipment or impacting the environment. Our exploration solutions are ideal for companies that can see the value in having a strategic innovation advantage.

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